Friday, August 10, 2012

Calls for Viewthrough, Proper Display Attribution Growing

As the digital media and marketing business continues to evolve the interest in passive response from digital display (banners, video and non-search mobile) is growing. Although the banner is almost 20 years old now (born c. 1995) the legacy obsession with click-based response measurement and simplistic attribution is only now beginning to collapse thanks to new tools and better methodologies.'s about time.

Dax Herman who heads-up search-targeted display ad network Chango recently put together an elaborate white paper,  Viewthrough Attribution Exposed: What last Touch Isn't Telling You. I had the opportunity to work with Chango in an ecommerce setting over the past year and found their interest in and approach to meaningful analytics for their near (but not quite) bottom of the funnel ad media refreshing and collaborative.

Recently, Dax asked for my POV on viewthrough measurement which you'll find a snippet of in the white paper; this also led to a recent post, here at the Tip of the Spear Blog: Viewthrough Incrementality Testing. More broadly, we're planning to collaborate with other digital advertising leaders to further viewthrough won't be easy but it needs to happen. Coalition
If you or your company has an interest in viewthrough measurement and attribution please get in touch to learn more about collaborating on the effort; as part of this effort we're looking to work with leading measurement technologies, digital marketers and especially the DAA/IAB to standardize the definition of viewthrough.